Why Your Retirement Is Not A Game Show

Game shows are a lot of fun to watch on television, but when you turn your retirement plan into one, it’s probably not a good thing. On this edition of the show, we’ll discuss the perils of planning for retirement like you’re a TV contestant. We’ll also go through some popular social security myths.

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Decluttering Your Finances

Have you ever had to clean out a cluttered closet? It’s a pain, but feels so good once it’s done. On this week’s show, we’ll use that as a comparison to see what it’s like to get decluttered from a financial perspective. And if that’s not enough, we’ll uncover some of the top money mistakes [...]

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The “Greatest Generation”

Let’s see what we can learn from the folks who are a part of the “Greatest Generation.” People from that period of our history did a fine job of embracing sound personal financial concepts, and we can learn a lot about retirement planning from their philosophies toward money. Also, is your financial “advisor” truly an adviser? [...]

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6 Reasons to Stay in Your Current Home During Retirement

The typical retirement dream involves riding off into the sunbelt, golf clubs and beach umbrella in hand. However, the reality is that the majority of retirees never leave home. Most people opt to age in place, or if they do move, they find a smaller house near their old neighborhood. Only about 7 percent of [...]

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